Sailing improves your health

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When we arrived in Valencia, a gale force wind made our arrival difficult, and a nice gentleman was so kind to help us with mooring our ship safely.


This nice gentleman turned out to be Mark, who sails with his wife Sandra and their young daughter, the long expected princess of the sea.


After the action of the difficult mooring was over, we met with this couple and learned that they do something extraordinary, they offer adventurous offshore sailing trips for young adults with cancer.


They call themselves Sailing Rebels, and sail the Magic, a 15.5 meter long offshore yacht that offers space for 12 people.


The personal story of Mark is amazing - when diagnosed with tumors in his head, he did not give up. Instead he decided to get the best out of his body, by offshore sailing - and found out that this was very beneficial - for his mood, his wellbeing, his will to live, and ultimately for his health.


Today Mark is radiating with joy on his ship, with his charming wife Sandra and their beautiful daughter.


They go sailing with small groups of people, on the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea.      


If you have a dream and goal to fight for, don’t give up, go for it!


Sailing offshore is all about discovering new strength and willpower, and about leaving your comfort zone. 


If you want to join them sailing, you can find more information on Sailing Rebels on


If you want to support them financially, or in any other way, that is most welcome.


We wish Sailing Rebels the very best and are looking for a way to support them from the Bleu Magenta.

Edwin Poorte


Photo: courtesy


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